As you near the end of your Volvo lease, you should start thinking about what you will do next. You might really like your leased vehicle and want to keep it, or you may want to move forward with a new Volvo vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, Volvo Cars Silver Spring wants you to know your lease-end options so you can make the most informed decision. 

Volvo Lease 101: Returning Your Volvo 

When it comes to an auto lease, there are three main directions you can take at the end of your lease term:

  • Lease a new Volvo car
  • Purchase the vehicle you’d been leasing
  • Turn in your keys and walk away

If you aren’t sure which makes sense most to you, we are happy to walk you through each and help you determine the best route!

To prepare you for lease-end, you should make sure that your vehicle is clean and rid of any personal items. Our service team will perform an inspection to make sure that there aren’t any major performance or mechanical flaws. If there are, you may be penalized. Keep in mind that there are also fees for going over your yearly mileage limit, which is determined at the beginning of your Volvo lease.

Learn More Today!

Volvo Cars Silver Spring is here to help you have a successful and seamless lease-end experience! To learn more about our process, your options, and anything in between, please consult our financial team soon. We look forward to working with you here at our Volvo dealership!

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