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The engine in your Volvo car is made up of hundreds of tiny moving parts, and motor oil is what keeps those parts lubricated and working properly. Over time, the oil gets dirty and becomes less effective, which is why regular oil changes are necessary.

Here at Volvo Cars Silver Spring, our mechanics would encourage you not to skip your regular oil change, even if you haven’t been driving as often. Schedule your oil change today!

Can I Skip My Oil Change If I Haven't Been Driving as Often?

These days, some drivers may not be driving as often as usual because work from home has made the everyday commute obsolete. You may think that because you’re not starting up the car as often and not putting as many miles on it, you can skip your oil change.

However, this is not something that mechanics would encourage doing. When oil sits in your engine, it degrades and becomes less viscous, which is bad for both the health and performance of the engine. 

The Benefits of an Oil Change 

Changing the oil in your Volvo car is important for many reasons: 

  • Prolongs the life of the engine: Keeping fresh oil running in the engine will prevent the engine parts from wearing down faster, prolonging the engine’s life.  
  • Cools engine components: Moving engine parts that lack lubrication create friction, which creates heat. Keeping fresh oil in the engine prevents it from overheating.  
  • Improves gas mileage: Poor engine lubrication can also lead to increased fuel consumption.  

Don’t skip essential maintenance to your Volvo car, and schedule an oil change with our mechanics today!

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