Have you been looking to make the electric switch? Thinking a plug-in hybrid is a better fit? We’re outlining the process of charging a Volvo Recharge vehicle at Volvo Cars Silver Spring to help you decide.

How Does an Electric Vehicle Work?

As the name implies, an electric vehicle (EV) is powered by electricity. The electricity, which comes from a charging station or through regenerative braking, is stored in your vehicle’s battery. Then, the battery powers your vehicle’s electric motor.

How Do You Charge an EV?

As we mentioned, EVs are powered at a charging station. There are both at-home and public charging stations available. Different stations have different capabilities and can charge your vehicle at different speeds.

Charging options include:

  • Level 1 – 120-volt at-home charger (can take over 40 hours to charge an EV)
  • Level 2 – 240-volt at-home or public charger (can charge an EV overnight)
  • Level 3 – 480+-volt public fast-charging station (can add 20 miles of range per minute)

How Does a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Work?

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) are powered by both an internal-combustion engine and an electric motor. They use fuel to power the engine and electricity (or regenerative braking) to power the motor.

How Do You Charge a PHEV?

You can plug-in a PHEV to charge in the same way you plug in an EV. The charging times differ though.

Charging options include:

  • Level 1 – takes 5-6 hours to charge a PHEV
  • Level 2 – takes 1-2 hours to charge a PHEV
  • Level 3 – not compatible for a PHEV

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