Tire Maintenance for Summer


Good tires = safe summer travels, and our Volvo dealership serving Columbia, MD knows this as well as anyone. When tires are properly inflated, your Volvo vehicle performs at a high level. When they’re not…well, we’re here to ensure you never face the alternative.

Volvo Cars is respected worldwide for its enviable commitment to automotive service. This commitment starts at the corporate level and spreads to every Volvo dealership, including yours truly at Volvo Cars Silver Spring. This means that our Service department has the know-how not just to fix any automotive issue, but to provide advice that can help you avoid trouble before it happens.

Case in point: under-inflated and over-inflated tires. Both scenarios are problematic, especially during summertime when the air in your Volvo car’s tires expands faster than usual. Add in the fact that cool summer nights aren’t uncommon in Maryland, and you have a situation where your automobile’s tires are in a near-constant state of expansion and compression. This is why correct tire inflation is so important.

If the tires on your Volvo XC60 are under-inflated, your SUV will feel sluggish and acceleration will be slower than normal. This is because more of the tires’ surface area is in contact with the road. Other symptoms of under-inflated tires include reduced braking ability and compromised steering/turning. Meanwhile, over-inflation equates to not enough of the tires’ surface area touching the road, which can cause irregular wear patterns as well as make the car harder to control. Another downside is that you’ll feel every bump and pothole far more than desired.

Before you begin your summer travels, visit our local Volvo dealership and let us confirm that your tires are ready for the adventure ahead!

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